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Skins Story Slam voting now live!

The ten finalists are up! Get busy readin' and then get busy votin'.
1 week ago

Demacia Art Contest ending soon!

Get your entry for the Demacia Art Contest in before submissions close on April 27.
1 week ago

Art Contest: Demacia

Paint/draw/create your best DEMACCIIIAAAAAAAA!!!!
1 month ago

FanFiction Contest: Skins Story Slam

Draw on your favourite skins and write an original piece that captures the essence of that universe.
1 month ago

Announcing Ocean Week's cosplay & art winners

Here are the Homeguards that took out Ocean Week's art and cosplay competitions
2 months ago

Ocean Week Cosplay Contest

Oceania is in peril! Answer the call by transforming into an Oceanic Homeguard for your chance to win!
3 months ago

Ocean Week Art Contest

The menace has infected animals all over Oceania, which means there are far more battles than we can show in the client. Draw your own version of the Homeguards protecting Oceania for a chance to win!
3 months ago

FanFiction FanArt contest!

Are you ready for a fan art contest?
7 months ago

Pixel Art contest!

Are you ready to get pixelated?
8 months ago

OPL Final cosplay video

Watch the amazing winners of the 2016 OPL Grand Finals Cosplay Contest!
8 months ago