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Star Guardian Fanwork Contest

For every star, there's a guardian. Choose the medium that best expresses yours!
5 hours ago

Pixel art 2017 winners!

With over 200 entries, this was one tough competition to judge...
5 days ago

Oceanic Pixel Art Contest

Charge up your death rays and start thinking in pixels
3 weeks ago

Versus Art Contest Winners

The winners are in! Grab some new wallpapers courtesy of the Oceanic community!
1 month ago

PAX Cosplay Contest

Gear up to win a trip to PAX AU!
1 month ago

Versus Wallpaper Art Contest

Unleash your take on legendary LoL rivalries by creating your own wallpaper
2 months ago

Demacia Art Contest Winners

Check out both the winners and honourable mentions of the community art contest.
3 months ago

Skins Story Slam voting now live!

The ten finalists are up! Get busy readin' and then get busy votin'.
4 months ago

Demacia Art Contest ending soon!

Get your entry for the Demacia Art Contest in before submissions close on April 27.
4 months ago

Art Contest: Demacia

Paint/draw/create your best DEMACCIIIAAAAAAAA!!!!
4 months ago