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/ALL Chat | Prepping For Preseason

Time to learn League again.
1 day ago

Helmet Bro: Giant Enemy Crabgot

Attack his weak point for massive damage!
1 week ago

Extreme LoL - Kitten Edition

Riot Xtreme takes on his most adorable League of Legends distraction yet: a pile of kittens!
1 week ago

/ALL Chat | The Lamb and the Wolf

The community went crazy for Kindred!
2 weeks ago


My shield is my sword!
3 weeks ago

/ALL Chat | Goes to Worlds ft. Europe

NA makes it to the quarterfinals… kind of.
4 weeks ago

God of Ip-LoL - Kindred feat. Reignover

What do the best players in Korea think of Kindred?
1 month ago

Helmet Bro: Pantheon Rises

He always wanted to be a baker.
1 month ago

/ALL Chat | Guide to Pronunciation

That’s not how you say it at all!
1 month ago

The Wombo Combo Collection

Enjoy 3 and a half minutes of pure wombo combo bliss by Vandiril.
1 month ago