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An update on the Server Skin

Check out the update on the regionally-inspired skin.
1 month ago


3 months ago

You’re cordially invited to a soirée!

When: March 32nd - Where: 1741 Lonely Lane
8 months ago

War changes a yordle

Killing’s all I’m good at.
8 months ago

DJ Sona hijacks the airwaves!

DJ Sona transforms League’s music into high-energy Kinetic beats, hard-hitting Concussive rhythms, and atmospheric Ethereal vibes.
9 months ago

Dunkmaster Darius enters the preseason

195cm, 120kg, 87cm arms. A guy actually died trying to guard him at the scouting combine.
1 year ago

Final Boss Veigar preps for the ultimate battle

Do they realize who they’re dealing with? My power is unimaginable! I’ll rip apart the very source code of their pitiful game.
1 year ago

The Final Boss approaches

Would you like to save?
1 year ago

Superfans assemble!

Every four years, countries from around the globe gather for the world’s most widely viewed sporting event. This year, we’ll be releasing five new skins, a ward skin and a summoner icon to commemorate it. Plus, from June 13 through July 13, we’re cracking open the Legacy vault and bringing back skins from the last time around!
1 year ago

Rise of the Dragonslayers

I had never witnessed a dragon before today. Now, I see nothing else.
1 year ago