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Blood of the Ancients

A hooded stranger comes to the ruined desert city of Vekaura, one who has walked the sands of Shurima for millennia. He comes in search of one of the Ascended Bloodline, a mortal whose lineage stretches back to the the golden age of Shurima. But he is not the only one searching, for great power flows in this mortal’s veins, power that could decide the fate of Shurima.
10 months ago


A desert nomad with the power to weave stone left her tribe to seek her future. Now that the lost emperor of Shurima has returned, her path is uncertain. Across the sands, a heavily armored, enigmatic creature rolls by, a legend regarded with awe and respect by all who see him.
11 months ago

Lost Treasures of Shurima

As a mercenary, Sivir’s exploits are legendary. As a treasure hunter, unparalleled. With an ancient myth come to life, she now faces the ultimate challenge. Meanwhile, Skarner, the sole hope of his race, must find the life stones stolen from his fellow Brackern before it’s too late, and a cursed, lonely soul, Amumu, roams the desert in search of his one great desire – a friend.
11 months ago

Onwards to Shurima!

It is the dawn of a new era. The lost city of Shurima has arisen, along with the ancient Emperor Azir, now a powerful Ascended being. Nevertheless, there is a growing shadow within the desert lands, for it is said that Xerath, the orchestrator of ancient Shurima’s fall, has also returned. None can predict what the reappearance of these ancient beings heralds, yet one thing seems certain: the future of Shurima hangs in balance.
11 months ago

Taliyah: Homecoming

A rising threat in the desert forces a young stone mage to abandon her training and rush home to protect her family.
11 months ago

The Bird and the Branch

A young stone mage from Shurima encounters an unlikely mentor in the mountains of Ionia.
12 months ago

The Ascent

An exiled soldier ascends Mount Targon to find redemption, only to discover a higher calling.
1 year ago

Get League screensavers whenever, wherever

Lock your computer. Look at that screensaver. Now unlock it. Read this sentence: League artwork finally arrives for your idle screen. Now lock your computer. That’s a pretty cool screensaver. Now unlock it. Now lock it again. Ahhhhhhh yeah.
1 year ago

Aurelion Sol

The Star Forger Returns.
1 year ago

Explore Mount Targon

Like any place of myth, Mount Targon is a beacon to dreamers, madmen and questors of adventure. Those who survive the arduous journey to the foot of the titanic mountain find a sky shimmering with celestial bodies; the sun and moons, but also constellations, planets, fiery comets that streak the darkness, and auspicious arrangements of stars.
1 year ago