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Oceanic Open Ladder

Are you ready to rally your friends together and join in?
2 hours ago

Dark Horses: Support Brand

Welcome to Dark Horses, where we dive deep, looking for your sleeper picks and why they might be ready to wake up. This go round, we’re lighting a fire under Support Brand.
2 hours ago

The Heist begins with a double IP weekend!

Our best boys in blue failed to track the sneaky swindlers, giving us no choice but to bow to their demands! The Heist starts up on November 28, kicking off with a double IP weekend, four days of sales and purchasable mystery skins, plus the S.U.M.O. bundle.
11 hours ago

Champion and skin sale: 28.11. - 01.12.

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
11 hours ago

2015 Oceanic Competitive Season

Are you ready for the biggest season yet?
22 hours ago

Phreak is stopping by the Boards!

Come and chat with the pun maestro.
1 day ago

Kalista community creations roundup

Behold this ghastly array of Kalista fanart!
1 day ago

Exploring Player Behavior Design Values

There is no silver bullet that solves negative behavior in online games. Players are a diverse bunch, and each player has different motivations and responds differently to different consequences. We design diverse systems using three core philosophies based on reform, punishment, and reward.
1 day ago