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Chiefs make the Wildcard grand final in Day 2

Only one match stands between Chiefs and Worlds - tune in at 9PM AEST tonight.
23 hours ago

Party IP Weekend begins!

Enjoy Party IP from now through August 31st, 16:59 AEST!
1 day ago

Chiefs take second in Day 1 of Wildcard

Tune in at 8PM AEST tonight as Chiefs' Wildcard campaign continues!
1 day ago

University final approaches!

It's old rivals UNSW and UoA in the championship rematch!
1 day ago

An official memo from the Dean of the Academy

The following students are hereby suspended henceforth for poor attitudes, vandalism of school property, and violent behavior in addition to other heinous infractions too numerous to list.
1 day ago

Champion and skin sale: 28.08. - 01.09

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
2 days ago

Building Bilgewater: A Pirate Renovation

Foundational world-building plays a huge role in the creation of events like Bilgewater: Burning Tides. Enter Foundations, a dedicated group of Rioters working to shape the building blocks of League’s universe. By exploring the people, customs, and stories of places like Bilgewater, Foundations fleshes out Runeterra’s locales and transforms them into living, breathing places. Take a peek behind the curtain and explore Bilgewater’s roots.
2 days ago

Free transfers from NA to OCE

The North American game servers have been moved to Chicago, Illinois, which means increased latency for anyone playing there from Oceania.
3 days ago