Snowdown’s here!

Rek'Sai, the Void Burrower

With patch 5.1 we’ll be removing the Rune Combiner and making changes to Tier 1 & 2 runes.

The poros trained all year for this.

The poros won’t do all the fighting for you! Dive into the fray!

Hidden beneath an avalanche of poros are surprises old and new from Snowdowns past.

We're following up on last patch's Preseason changes.

Most Recent News

Champion and skin sale: 23.12 - 26.12

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RICH GANG extends lead in Open Ladder

Competition is fierce at the top of the Oceanic Open Ladder with just 2 weeks left in the split!
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Community Creations: League Gift Tags!

Celebrate Snowdown and the holiday season with some adorable League of Legends-themed gift tags!
3 days ago

Come check out the Legend of the Poro King Q&A!

Slide over to the Legend of the Poro King Q&A session for the latest from the Featured Game Mode team!
3 days ago