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2017 Season Update

Star Guardian: Burning Bright

We know the exact number of times every player uses their abilities in-game. And we're sharing!

This week, let’s talk about why we’re updating the Client and what’s going on with Death Recaps.

The things we leave behind: Narrative hooks in large-scale story universes.

Watch SKT and SSG battle it out on the big screen this Sunday

Who will you choose to represent your region?

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Rotating game mode queue now live!

Team up to overcome the cursed Doom Bots of Doom and their evil overlord before everything you love and cherish is DOOMED! Battle the bots in standard mode, or test your limits with a near-infinite gauntlet of increasingly difficult levels.
4 hours ago

Champion and skin sale: 28.10 - 01.11

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
14 hours ago

Royal Road: Path to the Finals

The 2016 World Championship comes to its final showdown as the reigning champs, SK Telecom T1, readies to enter the Rift against their challenger, Samsung Galaxy. Relive the Knockout Stage to see the road each team traveled. All the best moments and memories of Worlds 2016 are highlighted on this timeline.
1 day ago

Win a gaming chair used throughout Worlds 2016!

Join in the Riot Impact Challenge by October 31 and you’ll enter a separate drawing for a gaming chair used at Worlds!
2 days ago

New free champion rotation: Ivern, Quinn, Illaoi and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
3 days ago